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Christmas is now in full swing and, with only a few shopping days to go, we’ve decided to give you a hand with those last-minute Christmas gift ideas. No need to worry about that mad dash on Christmas Eve trying

Timberland boots are among the most iconic of all boots, and are one heck of a fantastic investment for any footwear collection. With any such an investment always comes a touch of caring responsibility – which can be a little daunting

If you’ve spent half your life wondering how to pronounce gilet, you’re not alone. As a French word, it was always going to prove a little confusing for us Brits to get our tongues around, particularly those of us who

The latest collection of Belstaff jackets has landed at CHO Fashion & Lifestyle, so we felt it was high time to shine the spotlight on this incredible, adventurous brand. Here’s everything you need to know about the Belstaff brand and

Packing light has all sorts of benefits, but how do you possibly get everything you need into a cabin bag (especially if you’re going away for longer than a weekend)? It’s a fair question, but you’ll be pleased to know

There are picnics and picnics. This particular picnic packing guide pertains to the latter. We’re talking proper picnics; the ones with picnic baskets, outdoor tableware and edible delights that go far beyond a basic sandwich and a thermos. Naturally, the reality

We all have a favourite pair of jeans. They fit us like they were made especially for us. They look great, they feel great … but they’re starting to fade. This can happen after years of heavy wearing and washing,

Uninspired this Valentines Day? From the small to the strange and even the single way to recognise today! From crumpets to cockroaches there’s something for everyone, loved up or not so much…. The way to the heart is through the stomach…so

Do you know how to clean your UGG boots? These stunning sheepskin and suede fashion icons have been the world’s favourite casual boot for decades, but that beautiful smooth suede can take a real beating over time and start to