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Valentine’s Day Gestures – The small, the strange and the single way…

Uninspired this Valentines Day? From the small to the strange and even the single way to recognise today! From crumpets to cockroaches there’s something for everyone, loved up or not so much…. The way to the heart is through the stomach…so why not make it heart shaped? Otherwise known as the ‘Feast day of Saint Valentine’ the celebration of love and affection is often completed with a cosy, candle-lit meal for two. Though this year supermarkets have gone above and beyond with attempts to beat any ‘Valentine’s Day’ 2 for... Read More


Top 5 Christmas Movies 2018 – Curl up and indulge in chocolate 

Top 5 Christmas Movies 2018 – Curl up and indulge in chocolate Elf The Grinch Home Alone The Polar Express The Holiday CHO Fashion & Lifestyle are here again to spread the Christmas cheer! Whether you’re a scrooge or not, this blog is guaranteed to spread the Christmas spirit. When it gets to winter and the run up to Christmas, nothing else sounds more appealing than chilling out in a pair of comfortable pyjamas, going through endless amounts of chocolate and binge-watching Christmas films. We’ve whittled it down to just five... Read More

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Buyers Christmas Pick

We always want to look our best, even more so around Christmas. But with us all preparing for the magical madness that’s upon us we thought we’d help you out and give you the answer to what’s on trend this Winter. So, we asked CHO buyer Sarah to put together a Mens and Womens outfit that would even wow Santa Claus. Here it is: Barbour Howman Ladies Wax Jacket – Olive Barbour Jackets have been at the forefront of British style for many years now and the Barbour Howman Ladies... Read More