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Happy Chinese New Year – A style for centuries…

Happy Chinese New Year! (Now try saying it in Chinese…) 新 Xīn 年 nián 快 kuài 乐 lè! …Not bad! Look closely, and you’ll see traditional Chinese costuming details peppered throughout designer collections season to season, some subtle, some not so. In a world of florals, stripes and checks, ‘Chinoiserie’ – a decorative style used throughout Western furniture, architecture and fashion; characterized by the use of Chinese motifs and techniques is an iconic influence, unwavering for centuries. February 5th marks the Chinese New Year, bringing with it 2019’s brand new... Read More

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When is the Edinburgh Festival and What Should I Wear?

Festival-goers and creatives rejoice; the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and EIF is once again back on the horizon and it’s shaping up to be a smasher. There are just over three weeks worth of treats in store, guaranteed to delight both seasoned festival-goers and first-time Fringers alike. Here’s everything you need to know about Edinburgh Festival 2018, including when it starts, what’s on and, just as importantly, what you should wear. When is the Edinburgh Festival this Year? This year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe begins on Friday the 3rd of August and... Read More

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Wimbledon Approaches: How To Wear Tennis Shoes

Wimbledon is less than a month away, strawberry and cream season is almost upon us and the CHO team is super excited. To acknowledge the country’s return to centre court on 2nd July, we’ve been taking a closer look at the ever-stylish tennis shoe, also known as the plimsoll. We’ve got lots of top tips on how to wear tennis shoes in 2018, but first, a little history: The Tennis Shoe: A Sports Staple Turned Fashion Love Affair The very first tennis shoes, called plimsolls, were designed during the nineteenth... Read More


CHO’s guide for Coachella 2018

Every year since 1999, in the Inland Empire’s Coachella Valley, the American festival is held over two weekends. Since the festival was first founded in 1999 Coachella hasn’t just tuned into one of the biggest music festivals ever, it also became strongly focuses on sustainability and art. They made sure to start off BIG in their first year, with huge acts playing such as The Chemical Brothers and Rage Against The Machine. Coachella have paired with Global Inheritance a non-profit organisation who are working to change activism and empower individuals... Read More


London Fashion Week

Goodbye New York, Hello London. From the American runway to The Great British catwalk designers are flooding to London with their striking fashion pieces from near and far. LFW brings an extraordinary amount of creativity to the public’s eye, paving the way for the new season of fashion. Every fashion week a designer’s aim is to bring their unique style to one of the fashion capitals of the world. London Fashion Week gives brands and designers the chance to raise their profile and display their collections to a huge, captive... Read More


Oscars 2018: 90th Academy Awards Highlights

The 90th annual Academy Awards were one of the glitziest and most glam events in Hollywood’s history. Jimmy Kimmel was the host for the second year in a row and we were all relieved that there weren’t any envelope mix ups this year *phew*. If you missed that in 2017, Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway announced that La La Land had won the award for Best Picture, when in fact it was Moonlight that had won the Oscar (awkward)… It’s been a rollercoaster of a year in the Hollywood film... Read More

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Say it With An Adventure: 3 Outdoor Valentines Dates To Try This Year

Chocolates, roses, presents, expensive meals…all the traditional ways to mark Valentine’s Day. But if you’re bored with these traditions, perhaps it’s time to shake things up and share this loved-up mini holiday in a different way. How? By heading outdoors, of course. An outdoor adventure is the best way to spend some real quality time with your significant other, and make extra special memories along the way. We’ve got some excellent ideas for alternative Valentine’s Day dates that you can try this year, and there’s not a heart-shaped chocolate box... Read More


Look what we love about 2018

Look what we love about 2018 Now that 2018 is in full swing, Cho Fashion & Lifestyle are going to cover some of the top events and trends which are going to take place over 2018. From celebrity romances and babies to the Royal wedding to huge sporting events, we can guarantee that 2018 is going to be a pretty big year to say the least. Royal Wedding Kicking off the list with what is going to be, the wedding of the year. Late last year, Clarence House had announced... Read More


Top 5 Christmas Movies 2018 – Curl up and indulge in chocolate 

Top 5 Christmas Movies 2018 – Curl up and indulge in chocolate Elf The Grinch Home Alone The Polar Express The Holiday CHO Fashion & Lifestyle are here again to spread the Christmas cheer! Whether you’re a scrooge or not, this blog is guaranteed to spread the Christmas spirit. When it gets to winter and the run up to Christmas, nothing else sounds more appealing than chilling out in a pair of comfortable pyjamas, going through endless amounts of chocolate and binge-watching Christmas films. We’ve whittled it down to just five... Read More

Silverstone Grand Prix 05/07/2017

British Grand Prix 2017

Next week sees the British Grand Prix return to Silverstone with F1 fans being treated to four days of track action. In an effort to ease congestion gates will open at 2pm on Thursday 13th July leaving visitors free to enjoy an extra day of F2 and GP3 practice and first-class F1 Fan Zone entertainment. If you’re lucky enough to have weekend tickets you’ll be allowed access on the Thursday, although this won’t include entry to the Travis concert taking place in the evening. If not, tickets can be purchased... Read More