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jeans hanging from a washing line 13/10/2023

How To Dye Jeans 2 Ways: A Step-By-Step Guide

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than when your favourite pair of jeans begin to fade. After years of heavy wearing, your delectable denim can begin to look a little tired. However, this doesn’t mean it must be curtains for your favourite denim garments.  What if we told you that dyeing your denim could solve your problems (and be kinder to the environment)? In this guide, we’ve pulled together two easy and practical ways to dye denim at home so you can continue to wear your favourite pair and get them looking... Read More

how to clean timberland boots step by step 13/10/2023

Here’s How To Clean Timberland Boots

Timberland boots are the iconic footwear staple your wardrobe has been waiting for. Built to withstand years of stylish dressing, as long as you provide them with a little TLC, they’ll surely last a lifetime. Timberland boot care differs depending on the material your boots are made from, so it’s important to learn the type of care your boots require before cleaning and restoring them. If you’re unsure where to begin, don’t worry; we’re knowledgeable about caring for Timberland boots at CHO.  Whether you’re looking to restore the colour, freshen... Read More


How To Re-Wax Your Barbour Jacket And Bring It Back To Life

A Barbour wax jacket is an outer wardrobe staple built to last.  Practical and versatile, it’s the perfect choice for hiking through the mountains, strolling through the fields, or heading for a weekend coffee. But what happens when your beloved Barbour jacket starts to look tired? It might be time for a re-wax. If you’ve ever wondered how to re-wax your Barbour jacket,  we’ve got you covered with our Barbour wax jacket maintenance guide at CHO! Read on to discover how to clean your Barbour wax jacket, how to wax... Read More


How to Clean UGG Boots: A Step-by-Step Guide

Do you know how to clean your UGG boots? These stunning sheepskin and suede fashion icons have been the world’s favourite casual boot for decades, but that beautiful smooth suede can take a real beating over time and start to look a little shabby. Like any suede shoes, UGG boots must be properly cared for to keep them looking their best, so we’ve put together our top tips on how to clean them at home. Our UGG cleaning tips combine simple home remedies and professional UGG care products so that... Read More


How To Take Care of Birkenstock Sandals

If you’re the proud owner of a pair of Birkenstock sandals, you will know only too well the comfort they bring. That signature cork footbed contours to your foot arches and provides the perfect amount of support to care for your feet and joints as you walk. But do you know how to return the favour? Here are a few essential tips on how to take care of your Birkenstock sandals (and how not to) so you can keep your Birks as happy as they keep you: Key Birkenstock Care... Read More


Caring for Your Footwear

Good quality footwear will last for years provided a little bit of time is taken to care for it. Here are our top tips for looking after some of our most popular shoes and boots: Hunter Wellingtons Wipe clean or use cold soapy water Leave to dry naturally Do not store in boot bag until completely dry Do not leave next to a radiator or other artificial heat sources Do not leave in direct sunlight Store in a cool, dry place For a pristine finish use Boot Buffer to remove... Read More