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Happy Chinese New Year – A style for centuries…

Happy Chinese New Year! (Now try saying it in Chinese…) 新 Xīn 年 nián 快 kuài 乐 lè! …Not bad! Look closely, and you’ll see traditional Chinese costuming details peppered throughout designer collections season to season, some subtle, some not so. In a world of florals, stripes and checks, ‘Chinoiserie’ – a decorative style used throughout Western furniture, architecture and fashion; characterized by the use of Chinese motifs and techniques is an iconic influence, unwavering for centuries. February 5th marks the Chinese New Year, bringing with it 2019’s brand new... Read More


Look what we love about 2018

Look what we love about 2018 Now that 2018 is in full swing, Cho Fashion & Lifestyle are going to cover some of the top events and trends which are going to take place over 2018. From celebrity romances and babies to the Royal wedding to huge sporting events, we can guarantee that 2018 is going to be a pretty big year to say the least. Royal Wedding Kicking off the list with what is going to be, the wedding of the year. Late last year, Clarence House had announced... Read More


How to Pronounce Fjällräven: Meet The Kanken

Do you know how to pronounce Fjällräven? No? You’re not the only one. This world-famous Swedish brand is known for creating super sleek, technical outerwear that is both reliable and stylish, but how do you say it? All those dots … Wonder no more, here is the easy way to remember how to pronounce Fjällräven, written out phonetically. The Pronunciation The first part is fairly straightforward. We start by simply saying a regular, everyday ‘F’ sound, just as if you’re about to say ‘Fish’. Easy, Fffffff… Then the part that... Read More


120 Years Of Barbour

Barbour is celebrating its 120th anniversary this year. At Country House Outdoor we have been a Barbour stockist for over a decade, selling the iconic British pieces since we began trading. Founded by John Barbour in South Shields Barbour was established out of a need for hardwearing, waterproof outerwear for the hard working communities of the North East and continues to provide top quality clothing today. Using oilcloth to create comfortable water repellent jackets Barbour produced its first mail order catalogue in 1917. On the death of the founder John... Read More


RM Williams And Dollar Mick

RM Williams, famous for their handcrafted riding boots made from a single piece of leather, have been part of Australia’s heritage for over eighty years. The legendary company RM Williams now exports all over the world and was founded in 1932 when Reginald Murray had a chance meeting with a horseman who went by the name of Dollar Mick. Scraping a living doing odd jobs RM met Michael Smith or Dollar Mick when he arrived at his campsite driving a buggy pulled by two mules. Despite an age gap of... Read More


Waxed Cotton

noun (textiles) cotton that is treated with wax to make it waterproof Imagined in the early 19th century by Scottish sailors who treated heavy sailcloth with linseed oil, waxed cotton is now made with cotton and paraffin wax. Wax jackets have gone from the preferred choice of farmers and fishermen to a must have fashion item with brands such as Barbour taking them to the catwalk instead of the riverbank. It’s no surprise that creating waxed cotton is a specialist field and Halley Stevensons of Dundee, Scotland have been dying,... Read More