Is September the new January?

Is September the new January? Here at CHO Fashion & Lifestyle we’re preparing for that ‘new-term’ feeling… With September, comes that never forgotten ‘back to school’ feeling.  As the transitional month rolls out, there’s something reminiscent of the ‘new year – new beginning’ mantra. With the change in season and style it seems to be the month for change, but what is it about a new school term that kicks us into gear for a refresh? August has ended and with it, the sun has set on one of the... Read More

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Expert Hunter: How to Style Hunter Wellies

There are wellies, and there are Hunter wellies. The latter is the Holy Grail of wellington boots, and you’d be surprised at just how versatile they can be when it comes to fashion. Forget the idea that wellies are only suitable for muddy outdoor tasks. With Hunter wellies you’ve got a pair of boots that you can style in so many different ways you’ll wonder what you ever did without them. Not sure where to start? Here’s our style guide on how to wear Hunter wellies in five different ways:... Read More

Trustpilot Reviews 17/07/2013

Tips For The Discerning Online Shopper

1. Research Your Seller The best way to see if a seller is right to buy from is to find out what other people think. Most online sellers will have a reviews section or a Trustpilot account. Truspilot displays reviews from every channel the company sell through. For example the Country House Outdoor Trustpilot page displays ratings obtained through the Country House website, Amazon and eBay. You should also make sure that the site displays a phone number and a physical address in case there are any issues with your... Read More