Expert Hunter: How to Style Hunter Wellies

There are wellies, and there are Hunter wellies. The latter is the Holy Grail of wellington boots, and you’d be surprised at just how versatile they can be when it comes to fashion.

Forget the idea that wellies are only suitable for muddy outdoor tasks. With Hunter wellies you’ve got a pair of boots that you can style in so many different ways you’ll wonder what you ever did without them. Not sure where to start? Here’s our style guide on how to wear Hunter wellies in five different ways:

With Jeans

hunter wellies with jeansInstagram / @angicupcakes

Jeans and Hunter wellies were made for one another, and this is by far the easiest way to style your boots. If you’re going to go down the jeans route, make sure you go for skinny or straight jeans with a streamlined, close-fitting style. These will tuck in easily and show off the shape of your Hunter boots – you don’t want to be stuffing your boots with baggy jeans as this will cause less-than-elegant bulges to appear.

You can wear any colour of denim with your boots; it’s all good stuff. Dark denim will elongate the leg and create a sleek silhouette, while lighter denim is great for summer styles. Wear with thick, chunky socks to keep your feet comfortable and support the shape of the boots, and layer over your favourite wool coat, casual sweater or plaid shirt for a great range of looks.

With Leggings

hunter wellies with leggings

Instagram / @angicupcakes / @jannadoan

If you’re short on skinny jeans, leggings are the next best thing and work perfectly with Hunter wellies. Their close-fitting style means they slip perfectly inside your boots, giving you a streamlined, long-legged look.

Wear with an oversized, longline knit jumper and statement scarf for a casual yet stylish effect, or pair with a casual shirt and gilet for a great country look. Try adding a hint of colour into your outfit that matches the colour of your Hunter boots; you can do this with bags, scarves, jewellery or even with shirts layered underneath jumpers. This will help bring your outfit together and make your boots the stars of the show.

With Shorts

hunter wellies with shorts

Instagram / @It-Girl / @jeanwang

Hunter wellies with shorts is the ultimate and classic festival fashion look that returns every year with fresh energy. For that timeless summer look you can opt for a pair of denim shorts with frayed hems, perfect for festival fields when matched up with your favourite Hunters. Or, for a slightly neater look, try turn-up shorts or brightly coloured canvas shorts with a slightly longer hem, which are ideal for everyday wear.

If you’re not basking in the sunshine at a festival you can balance out your shorts ensemble with a long sleeved T-shirt, or by layering an oversized denim shirt over the top of your outfit. For slightly chillier days you can also slip on some knee-high socks to keep your legs comfortable and toasty warm inside your boots – have some fun with bright, contrasting colours to draw attention to your Hunters here.

With Skirts

hunter wellies with skirts

Instagram / @angicupcakes / @jeanwang

Did you know you could style your Hunter wellies with skirts? As you can see from the stunning examples above, it really does work. Hunter boots and skirts together create a wonderfully flattering and feminine style you can wear almost anywhere, and it can create surprisingly sophisticated outfits if you make good choices.

The key to making this look work is the skirt length. Always keep to skirts with hems above the knee, as this creates enough of a break between the top of your Hunter boots and the bottom of your skirt.

The skirt shape is a much more open to choices, as almost anything goes. Skater skirts create a bouncy, trendy and fun-loving look, whereas an A line skirt with a chunky jumper creates a much more chic, sophisticated look.

And don’t forget seasonality. Skirts and Hunter wellies don’t have to be confined to the summer months. Opt for thick corduroy skirts and dark, plain tights for an on-trend winter look, and try floaty cotton skirts or light denim for spring and summer time.

With Dresses

hunter wellies with dresses

Instagram / @jeanwang / @gracebeggy / @raquelcartagena / @cortneydryden

If it can work so well with skirts, it can work equally as well with dresses. If you’ve never tried pairing your Hunter wellies with dresses before, now is the time to try it. Like with skirts, the only real rule is the length, which needs to come no lower than your knee.

Get a great winter or spring look by styling a chunky knit dress and plain tights with your wellies, and match your boots to your accessories for a really put-together look. Skater dresses with long sleeves also look fantastic and are perfect for achieving a bohemian, festival-ready look in spring and summer.

Hunter wellies and dresses are also becoming more and more popular with the rise in farm and barn weddings, which gives you the perfect excuse to try the style if you’re attending one this year.

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