Festival Survival Tips

Festival season is here again and hundreds of thousands of us will be hitting the fields with our tents and wellies. So what do you need to know when going to a festival? Here are our top tips:

1. Invest in Dry Shampoo and Plenty of Baby Wipes

Unless you are prepared to pay and/or wait in a long que it’s unlikely you will get to have a shower while you’re at the festival so don’t forget some dry shampoo and a few packs of baby wipes. It might be a good idea to bring some toilet roll too!

Barbour Hip Flask2. Take Your Own Food and Drink

Food and drink prices are usually high at festivals so if you don’t want to pay a premium consider taking your own.

Barbour Hip Flask, £32.50

3. Sleep with Earplugs

Festivals never sleep so if you would like to pack yourself some earplugs and block the revellers out.

4. Leave Valuables at Home

Don’t leave them in your tent. If you can’t keep valuables on you make use of the festivals lockers. Most festivals have these and some are even free to use.

5. Don’t Padlock Your Tent

Padlocking your tent makes it obvious you have something worth stealing so leave your padlock and your valuables at home.

6. Don’t Be Tempted to Take Your Best Gear

Unless you are staying in the family section at a festival don’t be tempted to take your top of the range camping tent. Often festival goers don’t have much respect for where others rest their heads (we’ve had people falling on top of, leaning on and releaving themselves on our festival tent) so buy something that won’t cost the earth to replace should it not make it. By the same token a £15 tent may not do the job and you don’t want wet feet so consider getting something midrange.

Hunter Festival Wellies7. Wear Sensible Clothes

Wellies and a warm jacket with a hood are a must for festivals in British summertime! The ground gets churned up and mud is inevitable so don’t leave home without your trusty wellington boots and layers of clothing.

Hunter 2013 Festival Wellies, £154.98

8. Pick Your Camp Site Carefully

Don’t camp at the bottom of a hill, you will regret it if it rains and you don’t want your things getting damp and muddy. Try not to camp right next to the path as people will be using this all night long and avoid pitching right next to the toilets, the smell will only get worse.

9. Remember Where You’re Camped

Confronted by a sea of tents it becomes tricky to pick yours out. If you’re worried about it bring a ribbon or flag to make your pitch more obvious.

10. Plan Ahead

Decide where you will meet if you happen to get separated from the rest of your friends. Make it somewhere central and obvious. Your friends may not have their phone with them and if  they do, they might not be able to hear it!

11. Pack A Torch

And keep it in your pocket. Finding your way back to your tent in the pitch black can be an issue so make sure you don’t trip over any guy ropes on your way back by using a torch.

12. Enjoy Yourself!

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