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Festival season is in full swing, and if the fashions from the festivals you’ve seen on TV have left you feeling a little uninspired, you may need some help pulling together your perfect festival outfits before you head to one in person.

Whether you’re going to a local festival or a big event, we’re offering our top tips on what to wear for a summer festival to help you prepare for all weather. From summer festival outfit ideas to all of the best summer festival essentials, prepare to nail festival style!

Man and woman stand in a field dressed for a festival

What to wear to a summer festival

Choosing an outfit for a summer festival can be really tricky, especially if you have to plan around the unpredictable British weather. Striking a balance between looking stylish and staying dry in the rain or cool in the beating sun is essential festival etiquette. 

Fear not; at CHO, we’re pros at festival dressing! We’ve rounded up some core pieces to help you survive your next festival while looking stylish. From the perfect footwear to the best coats, hats and bags, they’re the summer festival essentials you can build all your festival looks around.

1 Wellies are the perfect footwear choice

Hunter wellies lying in a field

No footwear choice screams festival more than a good pair of wellies. Kate Moss catapulted wellies and Hunter welly boots in particular to success back in 2005 after donning a tall black pair to Glastonbury Festival, and since then, the boots have become an iconic festival must-have, with members of the stylish elite such as Alexa Chung, Lily Allen and Cara Delevigne quickly following suit. 

Eighteen years after Kate Moss et al. first stepped out in them; Wellington boots are still an essential style staple of festival dressing for men and women. Whether you prefer a classic pair from Hunter or Barbour or a pretty patterned pair from Joules, you’re guaranteed style points and weather protection with every step!

Joules wellies sat in a row

Wellies look great with summer dresses, cutaway shorts, or layered over jeans, giving multiple women’s dressing options at festivals. For men, they’re a practical pairing to shorts in both fitted and casual styles, jeans, chinos and cargo pants; whatever your festival style, your wellies are guaranteed to match it! 

2 Don’t forget to pack a coat!

We know it’s summer, but you just can’t avoid the fact that there’s always a possibility of rain during British summertime! However, this doesn’t mean the weather will cramp your style during festival season, as there’s nothing more festival-worthy than a good old poncho, raincoat or wax jacket. 

Man models a classic Barbour Bedale jacket with white jeans

The classic men’s wax Barbour Bedale jacket

In 2007, the Barbour wax jacket had a complete resurgence after Arctic Monkeys, Lily Allen and Alexa Chung all wore wax jackets at the Glastonbury festival. Before this, the jacket was viewed as a garment purely for the countryside, worn by many to protect them from the elements, including multiple royal family members. However, it was soon in high demand, with festival-goers wanting to add this British Heritage piece to their attire. 

Today, the Barbour wax jacket is a popular festival staple for men and women. But if wax jackets aren’t your desired style, a raincoat can be just as good a choice. Easy to pack away, they’re perfect for tucking into your bag until the rain comes. Our favourite is Rains’ unisex jackets, as they’re super stylish but lightweight enough to store away until the heavens open.

3 Travel light with a stylish backpack 

Although you may be taking heavier bags to leave in your tent, a backpack is a perfect addition to your festival outfit and a great place to carry everything you need for the day with you. For example, when you arrive at the festival, and the sun is out, but there are storms on the horizon, you can pack your raincoat away in your backpack. It can also be a great place to store essentials such as sun cream, water, a hat, or an extra layer should things cool down. 

Woman wears festival attire and carries a mustard Fjallraven backpack

Fjallraven Kanken Classic Backpack

Backpacks, such as the stylish range from Fjallraven, spread the load evenly across your back and leave you room to hold drinks and food or dance the night away without worrying about putting down your bag and forgetting to pick it back up. Worried about spillages in the crowd or getting washed out in the rain? Why not add a waterproof Rains backpack to your festival outfit for a stylish and practical staple?

4 Head out to the fields in a hat 

Another iconic summer festival essential that’s often overlooked is a hat. Not only are they a great choice for keeping the sun out of your eyes, but they’re also excellent sun protection for your head to prevent you from getting heat stroke and missing out on seeing your favourite bands as a result!

Man and women dance in a festival field

Whether you choose a cap, such as one of the stylish options from Boss Orange, or a throwback to ’90s festival style with a retro bucket hat from Lacoste or Rains, you’ll gain instant style points while staying safe from the sun!

Summer festival outfit ideas 

So, now you’ve ticked off your absolute festival essentials; it’s time to start planning your outfits around them. If you’re still unsure what to wear for the best, here are some final few tips to get you festival dressing like a pro;

  • Start with a single statement piece and build your whole look around it. We’re not saying you need to wear fancy dress or an outfit you feel uncomfortable in, but a bold band tee or a pair of shorts adorned with a colourful print such as these Boss Orange bright swim shorts can be the anchor to build your look around.  
  • Choose some edgy finishing touches to finish off your look. Whether in the form of tassels, studs on a leather jacket, or chunky jewellery, there’s nothing better than some texture to add a statement finish to your festival attire.
  • Add some vintage pieces to your looks to give them even more character. Vintage shops are great places to find retro sportswear or original band T-shirts that won’t look out of place on a festival field. And by doing so, you’re being more mindful of the planet!
  • Don’t go overboard – festivals are the perfect places to embrace your unique style, so don’t feel you must dress in every cliché festival item. Be yourself, own your style and have fun! 
Wide shot of man and woman posing in a festival field

Curate the perfect festival style at CHO

Now you have our top festival dressing tips, why not shop for perfect festival looks at CHO? From t-shirts and shorts for men to form a base to several looks to festival dresses for women, it’s never been easier to curate an enviable festival style. Explore our collections today with options from leading designer brands and prepare for fabulous festival dressing.

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