Mother’s Day Gift Guide

A day for Mothers, Mums and Mams all over the world, Mother’s Day is a time where we show our appreciation for all their hard work. CHO Fashion & Lifestyle have put together a Mother’s Day selection to help when you’re not sure of the perfect present to get them.

Joules Galley Grade Hand Finished Stoneware Mug

Being a Mum is thirsty work, so get her a mug for those frantic early mornings. We recommend the Joules Galley Grade Hand Finished Stoneware Mug which comes in a range of colours and styles.

If you opt for a mug for those cosy cuppas why not get her a little something extra to help her relax.

Joules Fabfluffy Supersoft Fluffy Socks

Since she’s always on her feet surprise her with a seriously soft pair of Joules Fabfluffy Supersoft Fluffy Socks. Available in a range of styles, these socks are perfect for keeping her toes warm while watching movies and eating sweets. We know how much our Mums do for us and we want to show her how much it means to us.

Joules Rattan Picnic Basket With Handle

Want to make special memories with your Mum? Why not get her the Joules Rattan Picnic Basket With Handle, a delightful gift that can be used for a wide range of occasions. Whether you’re planning a day on the beach or a picnic by the river this basket will help you create the perfect day for the Mother who deserves the very best.

Barbour Lady Jane Leather GlovesBuy her a traditional picnic basket but don’t make her carry it! The only thing your Mums hands should be doing is wearing a pair of our Barbour Lady Jane Leather Gloves, perfect for a chilly morning walk or an afternoon watching you play sports.

Barbour Tartan Ladies Boucle Scarf

How about pretty pink for a pretty perfect Mum? The Barbour Tartan Ladies Boucle Scarf is a generously sized scarf, ideal for keeping your Mum wrapped up and of course, you can never have too many scarves!

Boss Orange Nanight Womens Scarf

If your Mum is a star in your eyes treat her to a BOSS ORANGE Nanight Women’s Scarf. This scarf will keep her warm from the cold and, with its star embellishment, make your Mum stand out from the crowd. This scarf comes in a choice of two colours so you can decide which will suit your Mum better, because she’s one of a kind.

We know you think your Mum is one in a million and we want to make sure she gets the Mother’s Day she deserves. We’ve hand picked these items and we would love for you to look through and pick your favourites to share with your Mother on her special day.

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