New: Dr Martens Boots

Throughout their history Dr Martens have been adopted by countless rebellious characters, subcultures and tribes. The iconic Dr Martens 1460 boots were the first from the brand to be manufactured in the UK and are still sought-after today.

The popular air-cushioned sole was designed by German inventor Dr. Klaus Martens and was engineered to provide additional support and comfort for his broken foot. These comfortable soles first became a hit with housewives in the 1940s before becoming popular with those in professions which required them to work on their feet such as postmen, factory workers and police officers.

By the late 1980s Dr Martens boots were being worn by skinheads, punks and new wave musicians and by the rise of grunge fashion in the 1990s Dr Martens were producing 10 million pairs of shoes per year.

Diversifying from their classic styles with distinctive yellow stitching around the sole Dr Martens now produce Dr Martens Chelsea bootsDr Martens Chukka boots, Dr Martens biker boots, Dr Martens desert boots and more.

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