Say it With An Adventure: 3 Outdoor Valentines Dates To Try This Year

Chocolates, roses, presents, expensive meals…all the traditional ways to mark Valentine’s Day. But if you’re bored with these traditions, perhaps it’s time to shake things up and share this loved-up mini holiday in a different way.

How? By heading outdoors, of course.

An outdoor adventure is the best way to spend some real quality time with your significant other, and make extra special memories along the way. We’ve got some excellent ideas for alternative Valentine’s Day dates that you can try this year, and there’s not a heart-shaped chocolate box in sight.  

Try a National Trust Adventure

We’re incredibly lucky in the UK to have so many amazing and beautiful National Trust properties and parks to explore, and you’re never too far from one no matter where you live. You can walk round pristine lakes, stroll through enchanted woodlands, explore ancient houses and spot lots of exciting wildlife, not to mention the large number of extra special couples’ selfie opportunities you’ll no doubt come across.

alternative valentines datesOld Mill Cottage, Herefordshire – National Trust Images/Mike Henton

Need a little extra inspiration? The National Trust itself has put together its annual ‘Most Romantic Places’ roundup, featuring all the most swoon-worthy locations and top spots that are perfect for wanderings and popping very special questions this February 14th.

Go Ice Skating

It’s still winter, so ice skating is still an acceptable pastime. And boy can it be romantic too. Holding hands while you slip, slide and stumble your way across the ice together is much more fun than eating a love-themed meal in a packed restaurant, and it’s a great laughter magnet too. There are lots of ice rinks still open throughout February across the UK, but London’s Canary Wharf ice rink is one of the biggest and best if you fancy making the trip.

Canary Wharf Ice Rink /

Once you’ve wrapped up warm and snug in your best winter jackets, hats and scarves and giggled your way around the ice rink for an hour or so, it’s time for cosy hot cocoa or a much-deserved glass of fizz to round off the night in style. However you choose to end your night on the ice, you’ll certainly come away with plenty of hilarious memories, if not a bruise or two to accompany them. But it’s worth it, trust us.

Go Glamping

Is the romantic hotel and expensive drinks menu all a bit ‘been there, done that’ for you these days? We don’t blame you. And, as luck would have it, we’ve got the perfect solution: glamping!

If you’re still into the idea of a romantic getaway but don’t want the cliché hotel room or standard B&B, then glamping may well be the answer. Renting a luxury yurt, tree house or romantic, secluded cabin is so much more exciting, and the best part is they’re usually surrounded by acres of beautiful countryside and woodlands to explore together. And, because it’s glamping, you’ll have the comfy bed and all the amenities you’d want from a hotel, without the hiked-up prices and crowded atmosphere.

valentines glamping

Romantic Yurt in Portsmouth /

Think cosy blankets, wooly hats, roaring fires and a glass of wine (or several) to enjoy together, miles away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Sound good? Check out this fabulous article on 10 of the best Glamping sites to try in the UK to find your nearest and most romantic glamping location.

So say it with an adventure this year and celebrate Valentine’s Day a little differently; you might be pleasantly surprised!

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