R.M. Williams


Caring for Your Footwear

Good quality footwear will last for years provided a little bit of time is taken to care for it. Here are our top tips for looking after some of our most popular shoes and boots: Hunter Wellingtons Wipe clean or use cold soapy water Leave to dry naturally Do not store in boot bag until completely dry Do not leave next to a radiator or other artificial heat sources Do not leave in direct sunlight Store in a cool, dry place For a pristine finish use Boot Buffer to remove... Read More


RM Williams And Dollar Mick

RM Williams, famous for their handcrafted riding boots made from a single piece of leather, have been part of Australia’s heritage for over eighty years. The legendary company RM Williams now exports all over the world and was founded in 1932 when Reginald Murray had a chance meeting with a horseman who went by the name of Dollar Mick. Scraping a living doing odd jobs RM met Michael Smith or Dollar Mick when he arrived at his campsite driving a buggy pulled by two mules. Despite an age gap of... Read More