Top 6 Christmas Party Outfits

Top 6 Christmas Party Outfits

This is the once a year party you can’t find an excuse to get out of. No white lies like “I’m working” or “my dogs sick” because for the rest of the month people will ask how your dog is doing and you will have to start pretending you have a dog!!!

Every office party has the loose lipped worker, the awkward dancer, and the alcohol loader. The Christmas party is the one that is talked about for the rest of the year for all the right and the wrong reasons. The one thing that always takes centre stage at the Christmas party is what people wear and no one wants to fall into that outfit disaster category, so never fear the buying and stylist team here at CHO Fashion & Lifestyle have put together a few options that will guarantee you are a fashion hit at the next Christmas party.

The Christmas party outfit is probably the most important outfit that you will wear this year and if like most people you leave it to the last minute, pulling apart your wardrobe in the desperate hope, that maybe, just maybe that fashion disaster dresses you had buried at the bottom of your wardrobe for good reason will do the trick then you are truly kidding yourself.

Well don’t panic, CHO Fashion & Lifestyle offer a next day delivery service which means even those last-minute decisions will be the right ones.

Look at CHO Fashion & Lifestyle’s key Christmas party outfit looks for this Christmas 2017.

Christmas Party Look No 1Christmas Party Look No1

Exciting and stylish, this Samsoe & Samsoe Johanne Ls Women’s Top in Deep Well is covered in metallic sequins with a rounded off neck suitable with a pair of thigh fitting Boss Orange J10 Jeans, showing off your curves. Finish the look with a pair of Kendall + Kylie Blythe Women’s Ankle Boots in Suede Black. That wasn’t so hard?  Standing out to all your colleagues, even if you didn’t want to be there. Christmas party sophistication personified.

Christmas Party Look No 2

Christmas Party Look No2

Is leather a good idea?…

I think there’s nothing better. Not exactly catwomen but this combo of Samsoe & Samsoe Jaclyn Women’s Top and Hugo Boss Saby Women’s Trousers is purrfect. It will have all your catty co-workers purring at your feet which could be covered with our Elia B Margot Women’s Ankle Boot.. meow! The Christmas Party trend setter.

Christmas Party Look No 3Christmas Party Look No3

Fancy floral? Well with our Samsoe & Samsoe Aop Women’s Dress that’s kind of what you’re getting, apart from a good deal. Finishing off the look and the bargain is a pair of these Hudson London Metta Suede Women’s Shoes. Saving your money for the bar. The Christmas Party elegance look.

Christmas Party Look No 4

Christmas Party Look No4

This top can sparkle more than my future… standing out in front of all your co-workers is one of the best feelings and this Samsoe & Samsoe Mano Women’s Top is a hit with the disco lights… keeping the glow going is these Great Plains Black Reform High Waisted Women’s Denim Trousers and keeping you firmly on the ground would be these perfect match Kendall + Kylie Leah Women’s Ankle Boots. The Christmas Party rock chick look.

Christmas Party Look No 5Christmas Party Look No6Work it with these Elia B Margot Women’s Ankle Boot.  Although your colleagues will be there you can still strut into the room wearing this Samsoe & Samsoe Adelaide Aop Top Women’s Dress, don’t be low key about it, go all out like we are with sales. The Christmas Party chic look.

Christmas Party Look No 6
Christmas Party Look No5Our soul slides away as this ladies Samsoe & Samsoe Slip Women’s Top is perfect for any occasions and you co-workers will agree with this too. Please don’t look back in anger at us with that pun. Although your work acquaintances may look nice, you will look outstanding with this Samsoe & Samsoe Kelis Women’s Skirt, embellished with glittery metallic sequins. The Christmas Party stand out from the crowd look.

We hope you were satisfied with the office clothing picks and if you’re still fighting over which outfit you like the most then we suggest you get two.

The only thing left for you is to plan if you’re going to get a taxi there or drive. Because hopefully it’s a free bar.

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