Tips For The Discerning Online Shopper

1. Research Your Seller

The best way to see if a seller is right to buy from is to find out what other people think. Most online sellers will have a reviews section or a Trustpilot account. Truspilot displays reviews from every channel the company sell through. For example the Country House Outdoor Trustpilot page displays ratings obtained through the Country House website, Amazon and eBay.

You should also make sure that the site displays a phone number and a physical address in case there are any issues with your transaction.

2. Check The URL

Make sure the URL in your web browser’s address bar begins with “shttp” or “https” which means the purchase is encrypted or secured.

3. Use A Secure Connection

Use a secure network. Never use a public wireless network or one that isn’t password protected.

4. Use A Safe Payment Method

Credit cards are usually the safest method of payment as they are well monitored for patterns that suggest fraud and if anything goes wrong with your transaction you are much more likely to get your money back.

When you spend between £100 and £30,000 using your credit card, the card provider becomes jointly liable with the seller meaning that if items are faulty, wrong or do not arrive you can ask your card provider for a refund giving you an extra way to claim.

5. Use Strong Passwords

If possible use different passwords for all of your online accounts and try to make them as unique as possible. For example stronger passwords don’t include information such as birthdays or numbers or letters as they appear on the keyboard like “123”.

6. File Your Information

Keep your order details, dispatch information, receipt and any correspondence.

7. Check Your Statement

Check your bank or credit card statement to make sure you have not been charged for anything you did not expect. If there are any unauthorised transactions contact your bank or credit card provider immediately.

8. Close It Down

Once you have finished using a website log out and don’t leave your computer running when you aren’t using it. Close it down and prevent scammers from accessing your computer.

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