Valentine’s Day Gestures – The small, the strange and the single way…

Uninspired this Valentines Day? From the small to the strange and even the single way to recognise today! From crumpets to cockroaches there’s something for everyone, loved up or not so much….

The way to the heart is through the stomach…so why not make it heart shaped?

Otherwise known as the ‘Feast day of Saint Valentine’ the celebration of love and affection is often completed with a cosy, candle-lit meal for two. Though this year supermarkets have gone above and beyond with attempts to beat any ‘Valentine’s Day’ 2 for 1 offer at your local pub and instead, enjoy something extra special from the comfort of your kitchen.

Nothing screams Valentine’s Day like a wealth of heart-shaped food…

Bridging the gap between takeaway and home cooking is the heart-shaped pizza from Asda (added bonus – telling the other half that you’ve ‘cooked’ and it’s only fair they see to the washing up!). The £3 pizza is a stone baked base and all the toppings are completely your choice, it even has sweetheart cheese on the top – how cheesy…

It doesn’t stop there, from crumpets to Yorkshires there’s something for every couple! Some say it with roses, others say it with chocolates, but this year Marks & Spencer think some of us would like to show our romantic side with a giant sausage.

And it would seem many do! As the newly released ‘Love’ Sausage is set to be the food retailers fastest selling pork piece! Made for consumption on the most loved-up day of the year, it’s “heart-shaped, lightly-truffled and wrapped in bacon…” With a serving suggestion of the tasty ticker surrounding a perfectly fried egg – will you be sharing a ‘Love’ sausage by candlelight tonight?

Not forgetting love-hungry veggies and vegans, M&S has also introduced Heart ‘Beet’ Burgers! Set to get hearts racing with roasted beetroot and sweet onions.

Animals > You’re Ex – Name a cockroach or snake after your ex!

Forget hours wasted trolling their social media accounts and working up a rage, instead, you can name a cockroach after your ex, perhaps better yet a highly venomous snake! Sydney Zoo in Australia is opening a competition allowing visitors to take part, the more scandalous the story and therefore deserving, names the eastern brown wriggling reptile after an ex-lover. Does yours fit the profile?

Yet, foody innuendos and sweet revenge aside, whether your anti-valentines or just happily single, why not use February the 14th as a reminder to spread the love! To those around you and yourself – a little self-care can go along way, so dish out those cuddles, run a long bath, take a long walk and spread those positive vibes this February!

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