How To Choose Your Dubarry Boots

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Dubarry of Ireland have been making footwear for over 75 years and are popular for their premium quality leather boots, the most well known and best selling of all, being the Galway boot.

GORE-TEX® lined Dubarry country boots are available in a range of styles and are 100% waterproof and breathable so can be worn in all conditions. They are perfect for field sports, country walks or days in the paddock and are a common sight at country fairs and equestrian events.

Made from DryFast–Drysoft™ breathable leather they offer unparalleled quality and comfort. Their specially-designed soles have been made to be ‘stirrup friendly’ for light equestrian use and have also been rigorously tested for all outdoor pursuits. Rigorously tested in a wide variety of outdoor pursuits Dubarry Country boots also perform superbly in snow.

Dubarry Galway Boots

Celebrities such as socialite Pippa Middleton and American musician Bruce Springsteen have been spotted wearing Dubarry Galway boots while taking part in country sports and on stage at Glastonbury respectively.

Dubarry Galway Boots - Walnut

Dubarry Galway Boots – Walnut

Dubarry Galway Boots -Black/Brown

Dubarry Galway Boots – Black/Brown

Due to their popularity Dubarry also released the Galway boots in iconic Walnut in a wide and narrow fit. The ExtraFit™ is perfect for those with a wider calf muscle while the SlimFit™ has been developed for those with a slimmer calf. For a more fitted look the Longford mens and ladies country boots are a fantastic option and feature extra detailing such as a double buckle and side panel beading.

Dubarry Kildare Boots

Dubarry Kildare - Walnut

Dubarry Kildare – Walnut

The Kildare boots are a shorter version of the Galway boots and feature the same construction and signature details. Calf height they are easy to put on and take off making them a versatile alternative to a knee-length boot.

Dubarry Donegal Boots

Dubarry Donegal - Walnut

Dubarry Donegal – Walnut

The Donegal boots are based on the Kildare and look almost identical but have a GORE-TEX® Partelana liner which goes down to the ankle and offers four times more heat retention than Dubarry’s standard lining. If you would like an even shorter height the Roscommon boots are just 24cms tall and are similar in design.

Dubarry Tipperary Boots

dubarry boots side view

Slightly shorter than the Galway the Tipperary boots have an adjustable side buckle and are a fantastic option if you would like a mid-height boot. Again they feature a GORE-TEX® lining, DryFast–DrySoft™ leather and the same signature branding as the Galway and Kildare ensuring that all Dubarry boots maintain the same high standards.

Dubarry Clare Boots

Dubarry Clare - Walnut

Dubarry Clare – Walnut

Dubarry Clare - Walnut

Dubarry Clare – Walnut

The Clare boots are an elegant equestrian option that are more similar to a riding boot with all the classic Dubarry features. Popular with equestrian enthusiasts these boots are hard wearing and stylish so they can be worn at the stables or into town.

Dubarry Kilternan Boots

Dubarry Kilternan Fleece Boot - Walnut

Dubarry Kilternan Fleece Boot – Walnut

If you would like a boot that will keep your feet warm in all conditions the Kilternan is an excellent option. Lined with fleece this Dubarry boot has been created for extreme cold weather. Featuring a fleece cuff and an underfoot plug this boot is sure to be a favourite throughout the winter months.

Dubarry Wexford Boots

Dubarry Wexford - Walnut

Dubarry Wexford – Walnut

A full zip alternative to the tall Dubarry boots are the Wexford boots. Easier to put on and take off these boots are popular with sportsmen and women who need a high performance boot that can be worn with ease.

Been looking for a pair of boots similar to Dubarry? The quality of boots in Dubarrys range is second to none. Dubarry, a UK company, provide extremely high quality products, which make them hard to substitute. The excellent standard and high performance of Dubarry boots means that there is also a high demand for Dubarry boot care to keep your new boots looking smart.

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