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how to clean ugg boots

How to Clean UGG Boots: A Step-by-Step Guide

Do you know how to clean your UGG boots? These stunning sheepskin and suede fashion icons have been the world’s favourite casual boot for decades, but that beautiful smooth suede can take a real beating over time and start to look a little shabby. Like any suede item, UGG boots need to be properly cared for if they’re going to stay looking their best, so we’ve put together our top tips on how to clean UGG boots at home. Our tips combine simple home remedies and pro UGG care products, so you can pick the option that best suits you.

How to Clean UGG Boots: Home Remedy

The quickest and easiest way to give basic care for your UGG boots is with a simple suede brush and an eraser. Yes, that’s right, an eraser! You can pick up a suede brush at any decent supermarket or on Amazon for less than £5, and you can use any regular eraser so long as it’s a plain white one. You should avoid using coloured erasers in case the colour transfers onto your boots.

You can also use a simple home store cupboard items to clean your UGG boots, so altogether you will need:

  • Your suede brush
  • An eraser (you can buy suede erasers or use a regular white one)
  • A white, soft clean cloth
  • Distilled white vinegar
  • Water
  • Paper towels

Before we start it is important to note that this is not an UGG-approved cleaning method. However many UGG owners have used this method with great success and greatly recommend it as an ideal alternative if you can’t get your hands on the official UGG cleaning products.

Step 1: Gently brush your boots in a single direction using your suede brush to remove any loose dirt and debris that might be clinging to the suede.

Step 2: Use the eraser to gently buff away any large scuff marks and to remove any stubborn, stuck-on dirt

Step 3: Dampen your cloth with plain water, squeeze out any excess moisture and dab your boots with the cloth to wet the entire outer surface of the suede. Make sure your cloth is only damp, you don’t want to soak your boots as this will damage them.

Step 4: Then mix equal parts vinegar and cold water together. Dip a clean, damp cloth in the mixture and squeeze out any excess before using it to gently scrub away any remaining stains on your boots.

Step 5: Use another clean, damp cloth to gently dab your boots and wipe away any remaining vinegar solution.

Step 6: Stuff the inside of your boots with dry paper towels to help them keep their shape. Leave them overnight in a cool, dry place while they dry. Don’t be tempted to place them near radiators or in front of fans or heaters, as drying too quickly could cause your boots to lose their shape or become stiff.

Your boots should now be looking much fresher and stain-free. It’s a good idea to brush the suede regularly to keep any superficial dirt or debris from causing permanent damage.

How to Clean your UGG boots: UGG Remedy

If you’d rather stick to the official product cleaning methods, you can easily pick up a bottle of UGG Cleaner and Conditioner from the UGG website. This product is very quick and easy to use and is a great way of cleaning UGGs on a regular basis.

Note: if you own a pair of Classic UGG Classic II boots, you will not need to apply this cleaning solution for at least 6 months after purchase. This is because your boots are already pre-treated against water and staining, so you won’t need to treat your boots until 6 months or more have passed.

Here’s how to clean UGG boots with the UGG Cleaner and Conditioner:

Step 1: Gently brush your boots with your suede brush to remove any surface dirt and debris

Step 2: Use a clean, damp cloth or sponge to moisten the surface of your boots. Do not soak them. Then apply a small amount of the cleaning solution to the cloth or sponge and gently scrub your boots. Remove any remaining residue with a clean cloth.

Step 3: Stuff the inside of your boots with dry paper towels or paper to help maintain their shape. Leave your boots in a cool, well-ventilated area to dry overnight. Don’t leave near radiators, heaters, fans or in direct sunlight.

Step 4: Once dry, give your boots a final brush in a single direction with your suede brush to restore the original appearance of the suede.

How to Prevent Water Damage: UGG Remedy

Once your UGGs are clean and looking fresh, it’s a good idea to add an extra layer of protection, especially against the rain. One of the most highly recommended products you can use to help prevent your UGGs from becoming water stained is the official UGG Protector spray solution. This provides a protective barrier of sorts, preventing your UGGs from absorbing water and stains; ideal for those days when you and your boots inevitably get caught outside in the rain.

Here’s how to protect your UGG boots using UGG Protector Spray:

Step 1: Make sure your UGGs are clean and dry before application and that you’re applying in a well-ventilated room. Shake your bottle of UGG Protector well, hold it approximately 6 inches away from the surface of your boots and spray evenly until the suede is wet all over but not soaked.

Step 2: Leave your boots to dry naturally in a cool, well-ventilated area. Don’t leave them in any direct heat or sunlight and don’t stand them in front of fans.

Step 3: Use your suede brush to gently brush the fabric in a single direction to restore the original appearance of the suede.

Now you know how to clean UGG boots you will be able to breathe new life into older pairs and keep any newer pairs looking in tip top condition for much longer. Thinking of treating yourself to a brand new pair of UGGs this season? Visit our full UGG boots, shoes and slippers range for both men and women here at CHO Fashion & Lifestyle.