How to Spot a Fake Barbour Jacket (6-Point Checklist)

Would you know how to spot a fake Barbour jacket? Like most high-end, popular fashion brands, Barbour has been heavily targeted by counterfeiters trying to replicate the brand’s classic and original designs. And, while Barbour is working tirelessly to fight against the counterfeiters to protect its loyal customers, many fake Barbour jackets are still finding their way onto the market.

So, to give an extra helping hand, we’ve listed the top six classic signs of counterfeiting in Barbour jackets to ensure you don’t end up falling for the scam.

Here’s how to spot a fake Barbour jacket:

There are seven failsafe ways to help you identify fake Barbours and protect yourself from counterfeit designs. Run through this checklist each time you shop:

1. Familiarise Yourself with Barbour Styles

how to spot a fake barbour jacket styles

Barbour is famous for a great many jacket styles, all of which have names and distinctive designs such as the classic Beaufort, Border and Bedale styles above. Spend some time browsing through the designs on the main brand website, taking note of the names and the style characteristics as you go. This way, if you ever come across a jacket you will know whether or not it is the real thing. If in doubt, you can always cross-reference styles you find with the main brand site as you go along.

2. Take a Close Look at the Buttons

spot a fake barbour jacket buttons

The buttons of every Barbour jacket are always embossed with the Barbour name, regardless of style. On a real Barbour jacket you will find the brand name applied in a circular design around the edges of the buttons. Take a close look at the buttons each time you come across a Barbour style you’re not sure of, as this is one of the most common ways of spotting a fake Barbour jacket. Most counterfeiters tend not to bother going into this level of detail, and those that do are likely to make small mistakes. Look closely at the spacing and font as well as the spelling, as these are dead giveaways.

3. Inspect the Zips and Other Metal Detailing

how to spot a fake barbour jacket zips

As well as the buttons, the zip pulls and other metal detailing on all real Barbour jackets will also be embossed with the Barbour brand name. If a jacket has plain zippers with no brand name you can be sure it is a fake Barbour jacket. And, just in case the counterfeiters have managed to pull off a convincing copy of a real Barbour zipper, it’s a good idea to test out the zip itself to see how smoothly it moves. A good quality zip will glide smoothly from top to bottom, whereas a cheap one will be hard to pull and may often get stuck along the way.

4. Look for the Royal Warrant on the Inner Label

how to spot a fake barbour jacket check the label royal warrant

You should never buy a Barbour jacket without first checking the inner label. Usually stitched into the lining under the collar, the Barbour label will always feature the brand name and the Royal Warrant. These warrants are granted to businesses and brands used and trusted by the Royal Family, giving them an extra level of prestige and trustworthiness for consumers. Inspect your Barbour label thoroughly; it should feature three golden royal stamps printed above or next to the brand name – the actual text may vary depending on the type of jacket. Along with this information, your label should also say ‘Made in England’ and the jacket size. Some labels also name the jacket style, along with an additional label identifying the Original Barbour Tartan.

You should also look for an additional Barbour jacket care label, which is usually found stitched on the inner pocket. All genuine Barbours include this label, so a lack of it is a good way to spot a fake Barbour jacket.

5. Check the Brand Stitching Font

how to spot a fake barbour jacket brand stitching font

Another way to spot a fake Barbour jacket is by taking a close look at the brand stitching on the outer part of the jacket. Most (but not all) Barbour jacket styles have the brand name stitched on or near the outer pockets, so have a look for it. Once you’ve found it, pay close attention to the font, spacing, thread colour and stitching quality. The font should exactly match that of the inner label, and the colour should match the colour of the jacket itself. The stitching should also be nice and even, with letters equally spaced and no loose threads.

6. Inspect the Quality of the Faux Fur

how to spot a fake barbour jacket faux fur quality

Some Barbour jackets feature faux fur-trimmed hoods and other detailing. High-quality faux fur is easy to spot as it is much softer, finer and feels much like real fur. The faux-fur trim on a genuine Barbour jacket will be thick and fluffy in appearance and be made up of a natural-looking mixture of light and dark threads. A fake Barbour jacket trim will often feel rough to the touch, will appear thinner and less fluffy and will look much more one-dimensional in colour.

So, to recap, you can spot a fake Barbour jacket by:

  1. Knowing the real design names
  2. Checking the buttons for the brand name
  3. Checking the zip and other metal detailing for brand name
  4. Inspecting the inner label for the Royal Warrant
  5. Comparing the stitched brand name fonts
  6. Feeling the quality of the faux fur

Now you know how to spot a fake Barbour jacket you can shop with confidence that you will not be caught out. Of course, the best way to protect yourself from accidentally acquiring a fake Barbour jacket is to buy it from a reputable retailer that deals directly with the brand or, of course, direct from the brand itself. Our collections of men’s Barbour jackets and women’s Barbour jackets are all guaranteed genuine products that come directly from Barbour’s latest ranges. No rip-offs or fakes here, folks.

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