Wimbledon: Here’s How To Ace Tennis Core

Wimbledon is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate it than by embracing tennis fashion?

Tennis attire has been growing in popularity, so whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned pro, we’ve got the perfect tennis-inspired outfit choices to help you ace your tennis look. 

Whether you’re planning on dressing for the courts or just courting the look, learn more about this on-trend aesthetic and how to make it look just as chic on and off the grass.

A man and a woman sit back to back on a tennis court wearing tennis-inspired attire

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What is tennis core?

How do you dress like a tennis player?

What is the ideal outfit for playing tennis?

What is tennis core?

Tennis core or a tennis aesthetic takes a tennis player’s on-court look and translates it into everyday style.

The roots of tennis core began during the COVID-19 pandemic, when, once outdoor exercise was reintroduced, many took to the sport to play against friends and family at a safe and social distance. A sport that was once reserved for the upper classes, tennis clubs began filling up with new faces from all backgrounds keen to hit the courts.

Because tennis clubs traditionally have a dress code, much of this way of dressing, loosely inspired by vintage tennis style codes, soon filtered through into everyday life, with more people increasingly embracing tennis attire for fashion instead of function. 

Numerous brands witnessed this trend emerge via social media and began to produce on-trend tennis pieces with style roots harking back to the glory days of tennis, making it even easier to take on the trend. 

Now is the perfect time if you’ve been keen to embrace tennis core. Whether you choose a stylish exercise dress (racquet optional), go head-to-toe in Wimbledon-inspired tennis whites, or simply slide on a tennis bracelet, at CHO, we’ll help you put together some top-rated tennis looks!

Woman kneels down on the tennis court wearing tennis-inspired attire

How do you dress like a tennis player? 

If you’re ready to curate a match-winning look, here are our top picks for the perfect tennis-inspired style. 

1 Polo shirts are key!

A polo shirt is the epitome of tennis style. But did you know that some of the most well-known polo shirt brands on the market probably wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for tennis?

The Lacoste brand was actually started by none other than French seven-time grand slam winner René Lacoste. Nicknamed The Crocodile because of the aggressive way he dealt with his opponents, this helped to determine the brand’s famous logo when it first launched in 1933. 

Lacoste could often be seen on the courts wearing his own Lacoste-branded tennis shirts, and the brand continues to be a global success today. 

Like the unisex style pictured, a crisp, white Lacoste polo is the perfect pick for kick-starting your tennis court-inspired style, particularly if you favour Wimbledon whites. If colour is more your thing, why not browse the complete range of Lacoste polo shirts and find your favourite style? 

Why not layer a t-shirt under your white polo for a colourful contrast for extra style points? This Hugo red t-shirt is a great choice if you want to add a stylish colour pop. 

2 Ace that set with stylish shorts

A perfect pairing to your polo, shorts are an ideal choice for summer, and you can choose your short style based on whether you’re playing sport or simply wanting to look sporty. 

Man jumping high up on the tennis court, holding his racquet

These Hugo Men’s Shorts in a striking shade of salmon pink add a stylish colour pop to break up an otherwise white outfit. Providing comfort and free movement, they’re a great choice for playing sports, heading for relaxed drinks or for simply levelling up your summer look.

If you want to add a smarter edge to your tennis aesthetic, why not swap relaxed fits for a stylish pair of chino shorts

3 Take on a tennis dress

If shorts and a T-shirt aren’t your style, why not turn heads with a tennis dress? 

Tennis outfits have really developed over the years to take on a more fashion-forward approach (just think about Serena Williams’ catsuit!), and tennis dresses are no exception.

If you’re a fan of cute tennis outfits but are less enamoured at the thought of thrashing it out on the court, a tennis dress is a perfect choice! Look to those pleated skirts or casual styles with trims and a vintage vibe to achieve that perfect grand slam look.

Women wears long black Tommy Hilfiger bodycon dress

With its vintage tennis-inspired trim, this Tommy Hilfiger Carmen Sleeveless Signature Tape Dress evokes tennis style without making you feel like you’ve just stepped off the court.

4 Boxfresh white trainers are the only way to go

A close up of a man's Tommy Hilfiger trainers and white crew length HUGO socks

Nothing says tennis fashion more than a chic pair of box-fresh trainers. You wouldn’t expect to see dirty trainers on Centre Court, so flawless feet are essential when embracing all things tennis core. 

These Core Lo Runner Men’s Trainers from Tommy Hilfiger with classic signature tape-detailing pair easily with many looks, but we think matching yours with equally bright white socks like these Hugo’s Varsity Crew Length Socks will help you wrap up your tennis style, game, set and match!

5 Stay cool in a classic cap

A stylish cap is another tennis court favourite, helping to protect the eyes and head from the sun during an all-important match. But you don’t need to be hitting aces to pull off this look.

Choose your favourite cap, and allow it to be the game-winning point of your tennis outfit. We like Boss Orange’s pink and blue styles as their pastel colours are the perfect pick for summer, but if you’ve got another shade in your sights, browse our full collection of hats for men and women

What is the ideal outfit for playing tennis?

So, now you’ve curated the perfect tennis attire for every day, what should you wear if you’re actually looking to play a game? Whilst the looks above will look good, you may want to consider more practical factors if Wimbledon inspires you to go and sweat it out for hours on the court. 

  • Opt for sweat-wicking materials to keep you cool and comfortable whilst you play. Technical fabrics are great for staying comfortable during sets.
  • Shorts and T-shirts are great if you’re practising on a local court or at a sports centre, but if you’re heading to play a game at a traditional tennis club, there could be a dress code. Women might need to wear a tennis dress or swap their shorts for a tennis skirt, so always check this before you play.
  • Choose trainers that allow you to move quickly and that are lightweight for ease of movement around the court. Pair these with sweat-wicking compression socks for the best results. 
  • A cap is essential for shielding your eyes from the sun so you don’t miss that all-important shot.

Serve yourself exceptional tennis style by shopping at CHO

For all your Wimbledon-inspired looks, visit CHO and curate a perfect tennis aesthetic by shopping the links above. From trainers for both men and women to sportswear and sports-inspired fashionable looks, embracing true tennis core has never been easier.

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