From The Alps To Dog Walks: 5 Clothing Items You Need To Keep Warm

Whatever your winter pursuit, whether you’re hiking the Alps or braving the cold to walk your dog, it’s important to invest in winter walking clothes that will help you survive the elements.

Winter is the time of year when style occasionally has to take a back seat in favour of practicality. But what if we told you that you could achieve both?

In this guide, we’ve pulled together our top five clothing items to keep you warm and stylish this winter. And, with some added tips thrown in for good measure, we’ll help you to make the most of your winter adventures, whether they involve jet-setting to the slopes or staying a little closer to home!

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What should I wear for winter walking?

How do you stay warm on a winter walk?

How do I keep my legs warm when winter walking?

What shoes are best for walking in the snow?

What should I wear for winter walking?

Like any other time of the year, it’s important to dress with the weather in mind in winter. 

If you’re planning on heading abroad for a winter vacation, the chances are that you’ll be checking the region’s weather forecast and packing and dressing accordingly. But it’s just as important to ensure you do the same before you head out walking in the UK, particularly as we have such unpredictable weather. 

  1. Walking boots 

Your footwear is one of the most important elements to get right ahead of a winter stroll. A good pair of walking boots that keep your feet dry and warm, whatever the weather throws at you, can make the difference between a good and a bad winter’s walk.

The best winter walking boots, such as Timberland boots, should be comfortable with good insulation, breathability and waterproofing qualities. Built with longevity and durability in mind, their comfortable sole and waterproof leather make them perfect for trudging through mud and will keep your feet dry and insulated in the snow. 

Tan Timberland boots

How do you stay warm on a winter walk?

The key to staying warm during your winter adventures is layering. 

Base layers can be a useful addition to your winter wardrobe if it’s a particularly cold day with a low temperature. Perfect for wearing under your t-shirt and jumper, most options have sweat-wicking and breathable properties to keep you warm, dry and comfortable.

If you’re looking for more stylish layering options, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better layering option than some cosy knitwear.

  1. Knitwear 

A wool jumper can look great when paired with a shirt or layered over a t-shirt for a snug winter look and feel. 

Choose a Barbour Anglesey stripe jumper to add warmth and style to your look. Made from 100% cotton, not only will it keep you insulated, but it’s also naturally breathable for comfortable wear. The right jumper can add style and versatility to your winter walking wardrobe when paired with jeans, leggings or joggers. The perfect choice for winter strolls with friends, followed by a coffee.

Man stood with his back to one side wearing a Barbour jumper

For men, a Barbour men’s half zip jumper provides the same comfort, wearability, warmth and versatility. Crafted from 100% cotton, this neutral piece would look just as good layered under a large winter coat as it would paired with one of Barbour’s stunning wax jackets for city strolls on the coldest days. 

  1. A Padded Coat 

Investing in a good quality coat is the other key element to staying warm on winter hikes. 

When dealing with changeable weather, you want to choose a long coat to completely cover your torso to prevent the cold from getting in. Coats filled with down provide exceptional insulation, and the filling can easily be readjusted by giving the coat a shake. 

If possible, opt for waterproof fabric so that you’ll stay warm and dry if caught in a storm and the moisture won’t seep into the lining of your coat. Finally, a hood can offer extra protection from the rain and protect your ears and face from harsh winter days or days with high levels of biting wind.

Man wearing a Rains puffer jacket

A Rains Unisex Puffer Coat ticks all the boxes and provides a stylish finish to your winter outfit. Practical and durable, this coat is a perfect choice for days of exploring and adventure, but it won’t look out of place on your regular commute. And for those who prefer a pop of colour to their winter wardrobe, it’s also available in pink

How do I keep my legs warm when winter walking?

If you plan on being out for an all-day winter hike, you’ll want to consider keeping your legs as warm and cosy as possible. 

A simple solution for the coldest days is investing in a longer-length coat like the Barbour International Homerun women’s Long Quilted Jacket. It will protect you from the elements and add another layer over your trousers for some extra much-needed warmth. 

A longer-length coat might not always be practical when hiking or walking the dog through muddy fields. In this case, try to choose insulating legwear and avoid wearing jeans if heavy rain is forecast, as once wet, they get heavy and retain water, making them uncomfortable. 

Leggings can also be a great choice, as although they’re thin, they’re usually breathable and allow you to move freely and easily if you’re navigating more difficult terrain. For men, skinny jogging pants fit the same purpose.

  1. Boot Socks
A pink wellington boot with a Hunter sock

For added warmth for your feet and legs, layering boot socks over your leggings and underneath your wellies or boots can provide style, comfort and insulation.

Hunter’s Tall Boot Socks are renowned for their style and comfort and add an extra insulating layer when you need it the most. Available in various colours, they’re the essential pairing to your wellington boots.

What shoes are best for walking in the snow?

We’ve already touched on why investing in a good-quality pair of hiking boots, or walking shoes can make a huge difference to your winter walking experience, but what about those days when it’s wet but you haven’t got far to go? Or if you want to take the kids outside to practise the art of puddle jumping?

  1. Wellies

Wellies are essential winter walking shoes for wet and muddy winter walks or trudging around in the snow. They’re great for keeping your feet warm and dry if you’re not hiking up a mountain or taking the dog out exploring for a full day. 

A pair of green tartan Barbour wellies

With stylish options available for both men and women in a range of lengths and colours from well-known brands such as Barbour, Hunter and Joules, you’re investing in quality ahead of your next wet winter stroll. 

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