Top 5 Tips To Curating Farmer Fashion Style

Farmer wear is becoming increasingly popular in fashion, particularly with lovers of the great outdoors. Whether pairing your favourite checked shirt with a pair of blue denim jeans or your wellies with a wax jacket – even if you’re not planning on tending to your crops- nothing can stop you from embracing a farmer’s aesthetic.

But what exactly is farmer fashion?

In this blog, we’re breaking down this popular style and offering our top five tips on adding some farmer style to your wardrobe. From the core pieces to include to simple accessories to help pull together your outfit, achieving this popular look has never been easier.

A man and woman sit on a tractor wearing Barbour and GANT wax jackets. Their dog sits behind

Table of contents:

How do you dress like a farmer?

Start with a good overcoat or jacket

Wellies are essential 

Protect yourself from the sunshine 

Layer up in colder weather

Check out your checks!

How do you dress like a farmer?

Prioritising functionality over fashion, a farmer’s style is decided by their working conditions. Farmers will typically be found wearing overalls over their normal clothing to protect them against the elements, particularly during spells of harsh weather. 

Farm wear needs to be practical, allowing the wearer to move freely and remain at a comfortable temperature to allow them to perform their duties effectively. 

If you want to embrace farmer style but don’t need the practicality of the look, then you’ll probably be more interested in a more relaxed farmer aesthetic.

To emulate farmer fashion, look to outdoor brands such as Barbour for your outdoor layers, and go for wardrobe staples such as blue denim jeans and checked shirts to enhance your look. 

To help you achieve signature farmer style, we’ve pulled together our top five tips on the best core wardrobe staples to help you nail the look. 

Start with a good overcoat or jacket

A blonde woman wears a Barbour jacket and jeans and strokes her dog in the farmyard

The key to successful country dressing starts with a reliable coat or jacket. A Barbour wax jacket is a perfect choice, which works for women’s and men’s farmer fashion.

A women’s Barbour wax jacket such as the classic Barbour Beadnell Ladies’ Wax Jacket epitomises women’s farmer fashion. Stylish and practical, it will protect you from interchangeable weather during countryside strolls or hikes through the fields; it’s also chic enough to wear when meeting friends for coffee or days hitting the shops.Whether layered over summer dresses and paired with wellies at a festival or with skinny jeans and a jumper on cooler days, a Barbour wax jacket is the perfect reliable, durable and wearable staple to build your women’s farmer’s style around.

man holds his greyhound in the barn, wearing a GANT wax jacket, jeans and a shirt and Barbour wellies

A wax jacket is also a core staple of men’s farmer fashion, and this GANT Double Decker men’s wax jacket is the perfect choice for versatile country dressing. Layer yours over shirts and jeans for relaxed afternoons in the pub, or pair the look with wellies for long days spent in the countryside. This suave jacket is finished with a quilted inner zip-liner vest, adding perfectly to that countryside aesthetic.

Wellies are essential

a bright yellow pair of Hunter wellies are propped up against a hay bale

Whatever your outdoor style, your look wouldn’t be complete without a good pair of wellies. Women’s and men’s wellies are some of the best outdoor footwear around, irrespective of your outdoor pursuit, pairing perfectly with several looks and coming in a wide variety of colours and styles!

Hunter wellies are ideal if you want comfort that doesn’t compromise style. Incredibly hard-wearing, they’re perfect for festival dressing, impromptu beach dog walks and walking (or working) in the fields. 

Our men’s Hunter wellies come in classic colours and both long and short styles, depending on your preference. Their adjustable strap, which sits at the top of the boot, means you can loosen them out when pairing them with jeans or tighten them up should they sit loose for many versatile dressing options. 

Our women’s Hunter wellies selection offers the same dressing options but with more of a varied colour choice, should you want a bold colour pop to your outfit! Or if wellies really aren’t your thing, why not opt for some Penelope Chilvers long boots as an alternative?

Protect yourself from the sunshine

farmer wears a Barbour cap and fleece and holds his lamb

Days out in the fields require protection from the weather’s most brutal elements, and whilst your Barbour jacket will protect you on the chilliest days, you must ensure that you have some sun protection for those warmer months.

Whilst SPF will get you so far, a hat or cap can help to enhance your countryside chic whilst being a practical accessory that helps you to pull your outfit together. Barbour caps are made from 100% cotton for stylish, breathable wear on the warmest days. Available in an array of classic colours, they’re the perfect addition to help enhance your farm wear inspired look. 

Layer up in colder weather

Two women and a man lean on a farm gate and watch the lambs, dressed in their farmers clothing

A fleece can be a great addition when your Barbour wax jacket isn’t enough (or too much when spring warms into summer). 

Another staple of farmer fashion, Barbour fleeces are perfect for springtime dog walks and hikes or for a day exploring. Or, if you’re checking on the lambs before heading out, your fleece will pair perfectly with jeans, leggings or trousers. Cosy loungewear for dress-down days or layering under your outerwear when the weather takes a turn, you’ll experience many dressing options when you add one to your wardrobe. The Barbour Rock Men’s Fleece and the women’s Barbour Shelley Women’s Fleece (both featured) are great ways to add some contemporary flair to your farm-wear-inspired wardrobe. Finished in comfortable, relaxed fits and featuring iconic Barbour branding, they’re essential for elevating your outdoor style.

Check out your checks

man wears wax jacket, checked shirt, jeans and wellies in the barn with his whippet

A check shirt is a stylish wardrobe staple that helps to pull together a farmer-inspired outfit without feeling cliché. 

For curating men’s farmer fashion, choose a tailored check shirt such as Barbour’s Crantock long-sleeve shirt to elevate your look for an evening or a more relaxed style like GANT’s relaxed plaid shirt for daytime drinks or countryside pub visits with friends. A look that transcends trends, these high-quality shirts embrace an outdoorsy, lumberjack aesthetic for multiple style points.

If farmer’s women’s fashion is your aim, the checked shirt look can work for you too. Look to Barbour for perfect options that will pair effortlessly with your denim jeans, wax jacket and wellies, or for more elevated style points, swap out your wellies for a stylish pair of Penelope Chilvers shoes.

Curate a fashionable wardrobe filled with farmer clothing at CHO

Find your favourite farmer-style fashion staples at CHO by shopping the links above. Or, for more options, why not explore our men’s and women’s clothing from outdoor brands, including Hunter and Barbour?

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